women suing Trump for rape to get Trump’s DNA sample

A woman seeking a DNA sample from Trump to compare to a dress she wore during the alleged rape will now get Trump’s DNA sample.

E. Jean Carroll is seeking a DNA sample from Trump to compare to a black coat dress Carroll says she wore during the alleged rape in the mid-1990s. accuser E. Jean Carroll says Trump sexually assaulted her in a dressing room 23 years ago. says He pinned her against a wall.

Carroll sued Trump for defamation and under the Adult Survivors Act, a New York law which allows alleged victims of historical sexual assault to bring cases within a defined timeframe.

Trump sexual assault accuser.

accuser E. Jean Carroll’s lawsuit against Trump is moving forward to a trial starting April 25.

For three years, Carroll wanted Trump to hand over his DNA to compare to a dress she was wearing during the alleged sexual assault in the mid-1990s —a prospect that’s been made even more tantalizing because Trump won’t submit to a DNA test.

last week, Trump finally agreed he will—at some point—let his lawyers collect a sample of his DNA for comparison., but legal experts are dubious the offer is genuine., reported The Daily Beast.

“It sounds like a continuation of the dilatory tactics that Trump uses all the time,” said Albert Scherr, a University of New Hampshire law school professor who serves as one of the nation’s top experts on forensic DNA evidence. “As a general rule, Trump’s lawyers in every venue have the strong propensity to delay and delay and muck things up.”

A source told the website that Trump’s team hasn’t yet made the offer to Carroll’s attorneys, and legal experts suspect it’s not genuine because the deadline for opposing sides to exchange evidence has already passed, but now his lawyers can tell jurors the DNA was offered but not tested.

“It’s referred to as ‘consciousness of liability evidence,'” said Edward J. Imwinkelried, a retired law professor at University of California, Davis. “You can draw an adverse inference from the fact that someone refused to participate in relevant scientific testing.”

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