Tucker Carlson calls Trump “a little bit autistic”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson called former President Donald Trump a “little bit autistic” and dismissed his claim he would end the war in Ukraine in an interview on the Full Send Podcast.

“I saw Trump said he could close that in 24 hours if he wanted to,” host Kyle Forgeard asked. “Do you think he could?”

“I have no idea,” Carlson said. “I mean, he couldn’t build a border wall in four years. So, you know there is a gap between promises and delivery with all politicians, very much including him.” Carlson then proceeded to call the former president “a little bit autistic.” 

“But I will say in Trump’s defense, and maybe cause he’s a little bit autistic, he saw the stakes of this, like at the very beginning — and this is what I do love about Trump, particularly in foreign policy. He sees the big stuff. He’s like, ‘Wait, you’ve got Russia and China. They don’t trust each other. We can’t let them get together.’”


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