the Democrats pick for speaker could overtake Kevin McCarthy to become House speaker

the Democrats pick for speaker has a real outside chance of overtaking Kevin McCarthy to hold the House speakership for the Democrats.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) told Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast he has The Five Votes needed to deny McCarthy the speakership, given the slim GOP majority, this could lead to the Democrats holding on to the House speakership.

“To catch everyone up, last week there were 36 votes against Kevin McCarthy in the Republican conference, and again, Kevin has had years to try to convince people of the worth of his candidacy. Since that time, zero of those 36 have come out to say, ‘You know what, I voted against McCarthy previously, but I’m now prepared to vote for him on the floor. Zero,’” Gaetz said, noting the opposition McCarthy faced in the leadership vote last week.

“Meanwhile, five members, which include myself, Andy Biggs, Bob Good, Matt Rosendale, and now most recently Ralph Norman, have all come out and said that our ‘no’ vote on McCarthy is firm. It was not just a no vote within the Republican conference. It is a ‘no’ vote we intend to carry to the floor,” Gaetz added, listing the votes he believes will deny McCarthy the speakership.

Republicans are set to take control of the House with four more seats than Dems — There is absolutely nothing in the world to prevent Democrats from holding on to House speakership without the Majority if Dems vote in lockstep for the dem candidate.

Republicans will have a majority in the House come January, and therefore will have the opportunity to elect the speaker. the good news for dems is that Voting for House speaker doesn’t require the 218 votes we all thought, giving Dems the chance to overtake Kevin McCarthy and hold on to the House speakership with the GOP’s majority shaping up to be remarkably narrow, losing five votes might bring McCarthy below 218 votes in support of his speaker bid. 

Dems could overtake Kevin McCarthy if the dem candidate gets all house dem votes and McCarthy loses five GOP votes. the speaker simply needs to earn a majority of votes cast “for a person by name.” if 5 legislators decide not to vote at all or vote “present,” only 208 votes of the 415 votes cast would be needed for a speaker to be elected.


“The reason that’s significant is because Republicans are expected to hold a four-seat majority. So five of us saying publicly we have no intention of voting for McCarthy—we are firm in our opposition to him—well, that ought to trigger a realization among Republicans that we need a consensus candidate,” Gaetz SAID

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