REVEALED: expert reveals shocking amount of money Trump made while serving as president

an expert calculated and revealed how much money flowed through Donald Trump’s businesses while serving as president.

Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist David Cay Johnston revealed the shocking amount of money Trump made while serving as president in an interview on CNN.

“A new book is pulling back the curtain on how much former President Trump enriched himself and his family while he was in office, finding that nearly $1.7 billion in revenue flowed through him and his organizations during his four years as commander-in-chief,” Keilar reported.

“Tell us how much Donald Trump profited — and how you were able to get to this number,” Keilar asked.

“Well, Donald Trump had to disclose his finances as president, all top federal officials do,” Johnston replied. “Now, several of them filed very incomplete and misleading forms. Donald, in fact, asked through his lawyers if he could file financial disclosures without signing under penalty of perjury. He was told, no, you have to sign under penalty of perjury.”



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