Republican C-SPAN caller supports re-electing Biden

A Republican caller on C-SPAN Sunday’s Washington Journal program made the case for re-electing President Joe Biden in 2024.

During a call on Sunday’s Washington Journal program, a caller named Daniel from New York reflected on the state of the economy under Biden.

“I go to the store, I see peppers down 87%,” Daniel said. “We’ve added over 10 million small businesses. America is small businesses. The third point I want to make unemployment rate; he did make it, is 3.6 percent. We have averaged over, we’ve added over 12 million jobs in two years. We’ve been averaging over 400,000 new jobs.”

“Daniel, can I ask you, what’s your larger point about the economy?” host Greta Brawner wondered.

“We have an incredible economy,” the caller stated.


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