popular GOP governor in a blue state explains how the GOP can win over Democratic voters

an Outgoing popular GOP governor explained where Republicans went wrong in midterms and how the party can win over Democratic voters.

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Charlie Baker, the moderate Republican governor of Massachusetts said Trump and extremism in the party “hurt the party’s chances on Election Day, not just here in Massachusetts and Maryland, but in many of those other battleground states.”

“I think the biggest issue that played out in the midterms is something that I’ve talked about a lot over the course of the past eight years, which is, voters generally speaking, especially in battleground states, aren’t interested in extremism. They just aren’t,” Baker said. “They want people who they believe are going be reasonable, who are going to be collaborative and who represents sort of the fundamental tenet of democracy: that it’s supposed to be a distributed decision-making model and you’re supposed to be OK with that.”

“I think in the midterms, one of the big lessons that the Republican Party nationally needs to take away from it is voters want collaborative elected officials. They don’t want extremes,” he added.

Baker credited his upbringing, with a liberal Democratic mother and a conservative Republican father, for his view of politics.He also said his win in the 2014 governor’s race, after a loss four years earlier, was driven in part by time Baker had spent in largely Black areas with few Republicans.

“There’s nothing quite like talking to people who bring a real world, real life experience to a conversation now when people yell at each other, right – they’re just yelling past each other,” Baker said. “Nobody’s hearing anything either side is saying, all right, you gotta be willing to go listen and stop walking in there with a point of view or an attitude that you already know the answer to the questions.”



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