PHOTOS: Trump family’s reaction to Trump losing to Biden on election night revealed

the reaction of Trump’s family watching him lose to Biden on election night has been revealed.

the photos taken in the Map Room of the White House show several Trump family members, including Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and Lara Trump watching the returns on election night.

“These photos — which were published exclusively in ‘Betrayal’ — show the scene at the White House on election night. Look at the faces — these people did not think they were winning,” tweeted ABC News reporter and author Jonathan Karl.



Trump staff watching the returns

Eric Trump, Bill Stepien, Ivanka Trump, and Lara Trump watching the returns

Ivanka Trump looking at her phone during the returns

Don jr watching the returns

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  1. He needs to be charged and held accountable for the crimes he broke. Sickening and disgusting that our country would ever put a person of his low character as our president.

    • Right, Mary! Before Trump got elected I said to people at church that the US would suffer much trouble if he became president. Trump at best is a show man. Not someone who can be trusted. And if he is not convicted and incarcerated, he will continue to spread poison.

  2. Of course. They didn’t actually watch the returns. We only saw them do it on live television on election night.

    I seem to remember a certain insurrection we watched live too that you people also like to claim didn’t happen.

    They make medication for those incapable of handling reality. Maybe give it a shot.

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