People are saying ‘Hillary Clinton was right all along’ about Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been fighting the release of his tax returns since he first positioned himself for president in 2016.

Trump claimed the returns couldn’t be released during his 2016 campaign because they were under audit, but the House Ways and Means Committee concluded the IRS failed to audit his taxes.

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski said their long-awaited disclosure proves ‘Hillary Clinton was right all along’ about Donald Trump:

“It proves that Hillary Clinton, was right all along,” Brzezinski said. “Nancy Pelosi was right all along, Chuck Schumer was right all along. The Democrats were right all along. Reporting from the New York Times was right all along, Washington Post, too, was 100 percent correct all along. Donald Trump was not under audit. Donald Trump was lying. He was desperate to hide the truth from Americans.”

“That truth, that far from being a shrewd businessman, he was, in fact, the biggest loser out of the 300 million Americans who filed their taxes with the IRS,” she added. “The man lost more money than any other American, at a time when he was writing “The Art of the Deal,” this was happening, and worse than that, the fact his own Treasury Department under the bumbling hands of Steve Mnuchin refused to audit the president after Trump got into the White House — that’s usually done. So that lie continued and continued and continued until last night.”


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