Legal experts are now saying Trump will get indicted in 2023 and be in jail in 2024

some top Legal experts have come to the conclusion that Former President Donald Trump will end 2023 with an Indictment.

Former president Trump is ending 2022 on a very bad note with the release of his tax returns by the January 6 Committee and the final report. 2023 is looking a lot worse for him.

legal experts are projecting Trump to have a very bad 2023 due to his many legal cases. even if ex-President Donald Trump does not get indicted on January 6, he’s still facing “a blizzard” that could send him to prison.

Legal experts Andrew Weissmann, Maya Wiley and Charles Coleman all agreed 2023 is the beginning of the end of Donald Trump.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes asked his panel of two lawyers and a professor what will happen to Trump.”You get hired, Andrew Weissmann, as the new legal team. They fire their old lawyers and they want you. You get the briefing book with the rundown of the legal issues facing your client your client says to you am I going to be indicted? You say what?”

“Yes,” Weismann said without blinking.

“Bye bye, baby,” said Wiley.

“It is happening,” agreed Coleman. “It’s not whether it’s going to happen, it’s when and with how many of these things that are in front of you.”

“And how many counts,” Miley said.

“I would say to him, what we have to focus on is the state cases,” said Weissmann. “You are going to get indicted federally. Period. The end. That is what Jack Smith is going to do. Whether it is on one or two things, we don’t know. But, either one of those is no good. One is better than two that is going to happen. There may be a political solution ultimately on a federal indictment because, if there is a Republican president, it is unlikely that that will come to fruition there will be a trial, they’ll be a jury verdict and you will be sentenced before there is the next presidential election. So, that is one area that we have to worry about.”


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