Jon Stewart couldn’t believe Oklahoma Republican’s defense of guns

A Republican lawmaker who earlier this year authored a bill that aims to further loosen gun restrictions appeared on “The Problem with Jon Stewart” Friday arguing that the solution to gun violence is more guns.

Oklahoma State Sen. Nathan Dahm got an earful when he nodded when asked if he believed that more guns would enhance public safety. 

“I’m not against the second amendment, I don’t want to ban guns. But you’re saying more guns makes us more safe. “So when?” Stewart said.

“We’ve got 400 million guns in the country. We had an increase, and gun deaths went up. So when, exactly, does this curve hit that takes it down?

“Would a billion guns do it?”

“You’re bringing chaos to order,” Stewart continued.

“We have 50,000 gun-related deaths. That’s not a subjective opinion. That’s dead people.”



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