Jon Stewart asked Gen. Petraeus about the Military-Industrial Complex

Jon Stewart grilled former U.S. Army General and CIA Director David Petraeus on the “undefeated” military-industrial complex and whether U.S. foreign policy is actually changing when the Pentagon received a “raise” after the results of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“It looks to me like we lost 20 years in Afghanistan, 20 years in Iraq, and the Pentagon got a raise. They got 50 billion more dollars than they even asked for,” Stewart said. “There’s no oversight —”

“That’s not because of Iraq and Afghanistan. That’s because of a return of great power rivalries and the need to transform the force,” Petraeus said.

Stewart declared the “military-industrial Complex” an “undefeated combatant” while Petraeus continued to talk up pressing threats to the U.S., including China.

“It’s just hard to see the evidence of a learning curve manifest. It still feels like our foreign policy is everything everywhere all at once,” Stewart said.


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