James Woods to sue DNC for Destroying his acting Career

Actor and outspoken conservative James Woods has promised a lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee for Destroying his acting Career following revelations from Elon Musk about Twitter’s handling of the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Taibbi shared one internal communication that included a James wood tweet apparently sent to the company “from the DNC.”

“Celebrities and unknowns alike could be removed or reviewed at the behest of a political party,” Taibbi tweeted.

Woods joined Fox News host Tucker Carlson Friday night by phone and vowed that he would be suing the DNC over the allegation and claimed “these very people” destroyed his career.

“I can guarantee you one thing more than anything else you’ll ever hear in your life: I will be getting a lawyer. I will be suing the Democratic National Committee no matter what,” the actor told Carlson.

“Whether I win or lose, I am going to stand up for the rights that every American – not a so-called celebrity. I’m not a celebrity — I’m hardly recognizable anymore because my career has been destroyed by these very people,” he said.




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