Former federal prosecutor says Jan 6 committee hearings will demand the DOJ prosecute Trump for Jan 6

Former federal prosecutor thinks the Jan 6 committee will end up calling on the DOJ to prosecute Trump for Jan 6.

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner told SiriusXM radio host Dean Obeidallah that former President Donald Trump is the “ultimate target” of a DOJ criminal investigation into the January 6 attack.

DEAN OBEIDALLAH: What do you make of this? The more the reporting, again, it was source reporting, but we’re getting leaks out. So there is a grand jury. There’s no doubt there’s a grand jury. There’s 100% sure there’s a grand jury now and it’s investigating the alternate fraudulent electors, which is all to help Donald Trump. And according to New York Times reporting that they’re requesting information about Trump’s lawyers, Giuliani, John Eastman, Jenna Ellis and others. Is this again part of the same thing with Navarro? And again, do you believe that Donald Trump is one of the targets of this?

GLENN KIRSCHNER: Yeah. So clearly I think Donald Trump is the ultimate target.


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