Democratic lawmaker plans to introduce a bill that would give mandatory vasectomies to young men

Oklahoma State Rep. Mickey Dollens (D) floated an idea to other state legislators this week ahead of the passage of Oklahoma bill HB 4327 which bans abortion at the point of conception, leaving only exceptions for rape, incest, or in cases where the mother’s life is at risk.

Dollens invited those who were voting for the bill to consider a bill he is thinking of introducing next year, one that would give mandatory vasectomies to young men.

“I would invite you to co-author a bill that I’m considering next year that would mandate that each male when they reach puberty get a mandatory vasectomy that’s only reversible when they reach the point of financial and emotional stability,” Dollens said.



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  1. Obviously democracy does not work and everyone should be entitled to eliminate any lawmakers who are too stupid to live. It would save on the issue of overpopulation and help with our climate crisis. Go away and die. Why shld my taxes support people who are too stupid to even be able to spell their own names.

  2. It’s about time that someone suggested this. We can vote to control womens bodies why shouldn’t we vote to control mens as well. This country is going down the fucking tubes.